Green Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

We are True “Green Cleaners” – Providing Our Customers with Healthy, Clean Homes with a Minimum Impact on the Environment

Everything we do at SonoMarin Cleaning Services is centered on working hard to present the cleanest and healthiest home to our customers We pride ourselves in using green cleaning practices that are healthy for our customers and easy on the environment.
If you care about having your home cleaned by a company that uses safe, healthy and effective cleaning supplies and equipment, please check out why SonoMarin Cleaning stands out from other cleaning services:

Green Cleaning Products

We only use environmentally-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products from Ecolab, one of the world leaders in developing safe cleaning solutions. High-end restaurants, hospitals, large hotel chains typically only use Ecolab products. We recognize that every homeowner has different concerns and needs with cleaning supplies, so we offer customers choices on our Ecolab products; for example, we have different soaps and cleaners which offer no smells or pleasant lavender or lemon smells. Also, we use different products depending on allergies, pets, etc. – we customize our products for every customer.

High-end, Highly Efficient Vacuums

We always use hospital grade Vacuum Cleaners equipped with true triple High Efficiency Particle Arresting (HEPA) filters. Our HEPA filters can capture 100% of all dust particulate sizes, ranging from >100 microns down to 0.3 micron size. That is as small as 1/200 the width of a strand of human hair!

Unlike many other companies in the industry, we make sure that we eliminate all of the dust from your home or office, rather than just move it around! What goes in the vacuum bags, does not come out! We frequently replace our filters and bags and guarantee that dust will not be blown around or carried into your home or office from a previous home.

Clean Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

We use microfiber for all dusting and polishing, mirror cleaning, and delicate furniture cleaning. Microfiber is non-abrasive and has the ability to collect 10 times more dust than ordinary cloth. Microfiber is a green product because it can be washed and sanitized using a lot less water and soap than ordinary cloth. Our microfiber cloths are washed and sanitized professionally in-house to ensure that they are absolutely clean.

Additionally, we never clean two different areas in your home or office with the same used cloth. Instead, we use a freshly laundered and sanitized cloth. We want to ensure that we leave every surface sparkling clean and free of germs.


Trust SonoMarin Cleaning to Provide You with the Cleanest, Greenest Home Every Time