Testimonial 4

“I am VERY pleased with the service that was done, on my move-out. This cleaning company was excellent. Cleaned the carpeting, too. Thank you!!!” Linda H.

Testimonial 3

“They REALLY clean!!! First time I’ve been very impressed with a cleaning company. Feel like we could eat off any surface of the house. They cleaned everywhere, even the sides of the oven!” K Q.

Testimonial 2

“I have had SonoMarin cleaners for about 10 years and have always been very satisfied with their work. They are efficient and fast workers and are always friendly and polite.” Janet M.

Testimonial 1

“If you want your house really clean then you should hire them. They are terrific. The people are very well trained, and they are always on time, sometimes early. They need no reminding or direction. They do a beautiful job everywhere.” Bob T.